Haunted Missouri

When it comes to hauntings Missouri ranks high on the scale with numerous legends and locations of national fame, such as the Hornet Spook Light near Joplin. But while the entire state can boast claims of documented hauntings and apparitions, no one area is as active as the Ozarks, especially the area around Springfield.

From private residences to public buildings to the ground upon which they are built, there are no shortages of places to investigate. The area around Springfield has a bloody history of traumatic deaths which some feel plays a significant role in the sightings of apparitions and the legends of activity. From duels on the square, murders and abductions to Civil War battles fought here and in the surrounding countryside, the potential to observe and document paranormal occurrences are numerous.

Ghost hunting and paranormal investigation groups are widespread throughout the area, each using not only standardized methods of investigation such as EVP’s, video and still photography but some employing the methods of psychic investigation also. In upcoming posts, I will be conducting interviews with various investigative groups in our area, like Infinity Paranormal Research, to give a broader understanding of investigative techniques and how they can vary from group to group.

Ghost stories have always held a fascination for most people, but for some, like myself, the need to prove or debunk those stories is every bit as important as the story itself. The need to have answers to the age-old question of what happens when we die drives us on. Does life on some other plane go on, or is this life all that there is? Hopefully, someday we might have the answer.

So, settle back and get comfortable as we explore the world of ghost hunting and hauntings around the Springfield area and as I recount some of my own experiences and share evidence that I have documented with you.

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