Ghosts of Wilson’s Creek

A few years ago, The Ozarks Paranormal Society was extremely fortunate in obtaining a Special Use Permit from The National Park Service to conduct one of the first overnight paranormal investigations of the Wilsons Creek National Battlefield. From the start, it would prove to be a most interesting evening and one of which we will be repeating several more times in the very near future.

Wilson’s Creek National Battlefield is located at 6424 West Farm Road 182 near Republic, MO and hosts a section of the famous Wire Road, The Historic Ray House and an excellent museum in addition to a very well laid out walking trail and driving route that covers nearly every position of the battlefield.

When we arrived the night of our investigation it was to heavy rain and sharp lightning that seemed to charge the air with a static electricity that you could almost feel wrapping itself around you as you walked. We knew then that if we were to find any evidence of paranormal activity on the battlefield that we had picked the right night to come.

From the very start, we had personal experience after personal experience, from the sounds of fife and drum music to the sounds of troop movements and clanking of equipment to the sounds of someone moaning in pain in the woods near the small sinkhole. And all of this was before we even started our formal investigation!

We split into teams and investigated the Ray House, the spring house and the area of Bloody Hill near both sinkholes and the marker set near the site of General Lyon’s death. Some interesting occurrences were the feeling of being touched, of being watched, of having the laser grid being moved completely 90 degrees and turned downward in the Ray House, of unexplained voices and sounds, of unexplained faces in photographs and a lot of other interesting things that we really couldn’t explain or debunk. All in all it was a very good investigation and we came away with tons of personal experiences as well as hours and hours of documented footage that is yielding exceptional results. We will be posting our evidence on our website in the very near future and I will be doing a complimentary article on our findings so be sure and check back.

While securing the permit for an overnight investigation can be time-consuming and costly, it is nonetheless well worth it and I would highly recommend the experience to any paranormal investigation group who has an interest in historical paranormal investigations.

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