Crescent Hotel

As part of my research for my new book, Haunted Northwest Arkansas, I recently made a trip, with my wife Jennifer, to Eureka Springs. While there we stayed the night at the Basin Park Hotel and I conducted an interview with Keith Scales, the Director of Ghost Tours for both the Crescent and Basin Park Hotels. I filmed the interview and plan on putting parts of it on my YouTube channel in the next day or so, and it revealed some interesting stories about the Crescent Hotel that I hadn’t heard before. One concerned a part of the morgue when the hotel was operated as a cancer hospital by Norman Baker.

It would seem that Baker had a penchant for keeping bits and pieces of the autopsied bodies in glass jars filled with formaldehyde. He stored the glass jars on shelves that lined a room in the basement where the morgue was located. After the closure of the hospital, the room and the jars of tissue and body parts were discovered, leading to the room being referred to, even to this day, as the “part’s room”. Norman Baker was truly a twisted individual, and his bogus cancer “cures” resulted in the deaths of many patients of his so-called hospital; many of the deaths could even be referred to as torture, with a concoction of various herbs being injected directly into the cancerous tissue up to six or seven times a day.

I investigated the hotel several years ago with Dave Harkins and various members of our team, and while there is a high EMF throughout various parts of the building, due mainly to wiring and grounding issues, there nonetheless are sightings and occurrences that simply cannot be explained. My wife and I had one such occurrence happen in our room on the fourth floor. We witnessed a water bottle literally jump up in the air, spin around and land three feet from where it was sitting when we entered the room. We tried everything possible to recreate and debunk the movement of the bottle but were unable to get it to move again; unexplainable at best.

If you have never spent the night at the Crescent Hotel or visited Eureka Springs, you owe it to yourself to do so. You just might have an unexplainable occurrence of your own.

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