About Me

Bud Steed is an author, researcher, investigator, and explorer of strange and lost legends; if it’s strange, weird or kind of scary, you can bet he’s probably interested in it.

Bud has been actively researching and writing for eight years (at the time of this writing) and has written and published six books, four of which were reviewed and accepted for inclusion into the Library of Congress based on their folklore and historical content. Those four books are the Haunted Natchez Trace, the Haunted Mississippi Gulf Coast, Haunted Baton Rouge, and Haunted Northwest Arkansas. Additionally, Bud has two other books published, each the start of its own series. Ozarks Ghosts and Hauntings is the first book in the America’s Ghosts series, and Lost Treasures of the Ozarks is the first book in the America’s Lost Treasures series.  

A lot of the content within his books is historical as it relates to the particular story or legend;  you could say that he’s kind of a self-described “history geek” as it’s his opinion that each ghost story, each legend or strange occurrence, has its roots buried somewhere in historical fact. Researching the history behind the story gives us a better sense of why the legend or ghost sighting started in the first place, and allows us to separate the fact from the fiction; hopefully that will lead us down the twisting turning path to the truth.

Being a naturally inquisitive person (he seems to ask why a lot), Bud tends to look at a story and wonder what happened to bring this particular story to life. What is the “back story” behind the legend or paranormal sighting and what can he do to find it? He will be the first to admit that he doesn’t always succeed at finding the source of the legend but he does have a damn good time trying.

Bud has been researching the paranormal for over thirty eight years and has investigated in both Europe and the United States. Additionally, Bud has researched and looked into a lot of legends and buried treasure tales over the years and he loves to poke around abandoned home sites with his metal detector; the things that you find aren’t always worth anything, but they do give you an idea of who the people were and what life was like for them, which to someone like him, is worth almost as much as money. Bud is the founder of Backroads Paranormal, a group dedicated to investigating and researching historical sites, and the co-founder of Infinity Paranormal Research.

Currently Bud resides in the beautiful Ozark Mountains of Southwest Missouri with his amazingly patient wife Jennifer, four great kids, and two Pitbull’s named Dixie and Clyde.