Haunted Northwest Arkansas

As some of you might already know, I’ve recently signed the contract to write a new book. The title of the book is Haunted Northwest Arkansas, and as you might deduce from the title, it will document and tell the stories of various alleged hauntings across northwest Arkansas. I’ve long been privy to stories about hauntings and ghost sightings throughout that area and have been fortunate enough to have investigated some of them; the Crescent Hotel in Eureka Springs comes readily to mind as one of my favorites.

I intend to investigate, even briefly, as many of the locations that will be included in this book as possible, so that I might bring some personal observations and experiences to the story to hopefully paint a better picture for you all. I look forward to writing this book, as it allows me an opportunity to get out and investigate some of the places that I have always wanted to investigate, like the Pea Ridge and Praire Grove battlefields. Hopefully, I will be able to obtain some interesting evidence to share with y’all.

I plan to start a new YouTube channel devoted to sharing video evidence and giving a quick look at some of the places that will be included in the book, as well as other interesting locations that I stumble on while poking about. I’ll share the channel address with y’all as soon as I get it set up and ready to roll. My goal and my hope are to stay better connected with my friends, family and fans while I pursue research and evidence into the paranormal. So, if you aren’t already connected with me through social media or my blog feed, please take a moment to connect with me so that you can stay up to date with any interesting stories and/or video.


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